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Endurance Riding

On Saturday August 25, 2012, Dr. Lewter volunteered at the Virginia highlands Endurance Challenge. Horses competed in a 30 mile and a 55 mile ride over the mountains and valleys of Mount Rogers National Scenic Area. One of the trails they got to see was “Horse Heaven”, Dr. Lewter’s favorite trail!
Dr. Lewter participated in the veterinary exams of horses to make sure they were fit to continue on with the competition. 90% of the horses finished their rides without the trailer ride back to the Ivanhoe campground. As a trail rider herself, Dr. Lewter has learned much from these riders about conditioning, electrolytes, and saddle fitting.
“ It is such a pleasure to be around folks who put the needs of their horses first and take such wonderful care of them! They are also some of the most friendly people I have met in the horse world- they travel from all over the east coast to have a big family reunion at every ride. They range in age from 14 to 70’s and are such great sportsmen and women!”
For more information about endurance riding, go to   http://www.aerc.org/EducationRecognisingProblems.asp   where you can learn much about your horse!

Even if you only ride once in a while or horse-sit for a friend’s horse, you can learn much here!
Happy trails!


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