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Integrative Medicine Challenges

How many times have you heard, “show me the research” when describing the latest, greatest new remedy you have discovered? This seems to be the answer from the conventional world regarding a growing field of clinical medicine that they have not been taught in school.
Sure, what we learn in school still sticks with us as gospel. Haven’t we all have been told about that turnover of information- that every 7 years, what we learned will be out-dated. So why do we hold on to old beliefs? I can practice the medicine I was taught in school 30 years ago and get by, no questions asked. But when I practice cutting edge medicine with much clinical evidence, I may be questioned!
We have to find a way to hold on to the tried and true and to seek out new methods of healing with an open mind! This is the “art of medicine.”
Fortunately, there are solutions… there is much existing research to be found from other countries. Homeopathic research is easy to find in Europe! There is much research going on currently on western herbal medicines in our American teaching hospitals! There are volumes of research out of India on Aryuvedic medicines especially in farm animals! There are tons of papers out of China on Traditional Formulas used for every imaginable condition!
The good news is, the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation has had a huge fundraising campaign going on for research in veterinary medicine. Face it, those in this world with the big money are the pharmaceutical companies whose interest is not in alternative medical practices. I am a firm believer in taking charge of your own health-care, so the source of energy must come from veterinarians and universities and pet owners! Energy, ideas, funds, expertise are all needed. Our foundation supports research to benefit animals and students who have an interest in approaching veterinary medicine with an open mind!
“Evidence based medicine” is today’s popular phrase. The way I define evidence based medicine is actually quite compatible with holistic practices that I use. I have evidence from my colleagues, evidence from my own clinical experience, and often evidence from clinical trials that support my choices. Published research would be better and we are working on gathering that!
How does this affect you as a pet owner?

• Have an open mind.
• Encourage documentation of your animal’s success and failures by your vet.
• Allow photographs to be taken for the record.
• Keep detailed notes and observations.
• Be truthful with your vet on compliance challenges.
• Work as a team with your vet.
• Get a second opinion when needed. Ask for a referral for further diagnostics, other modalities, or treatments.
• Do your own research and share it with your vet. Beware that Dr. Google can get you into trouble.
• Be honest when financial restraints are present and don’t feel guilty about it. Don’t exceed your pet’s benefits on the first day and then   have nothing left for treatment.
• Support veterinary schools and write letters to voice your support for a particular area of medicine.
• Try to be constructive in your comments. Realize that even vets are not immune from cancer, dysplasia and other illness in their own animals.
• Donate to AHVMA Foundation for research or share their cause with your friends who have the means to support this worthy cause! AHVMA Foundation

Thank-you for being your pet’s best advocate! It really is true, they are our angels with lessons to teach, so the research you do for your animal will surely be useful in your future! Pay close attention to your angel.


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