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Pet Food Recalls

Salmonella is all over the news and apparently all over our pet foods and treats. It is a bacteria that causes food poisoning. It is my opinion that greater surveillance and monitoring is discovering this bacteria is commonly in pet foods. Dogs and cats are not getting sick from it! There is a risk to immune suppressed people who are handling the food in their kitchens. Let’s face it, dogs were designed to eat all sorts of gross stuff. Their systems keep food in the acid environment of the stomach longer and the Salmonella usually does not make them sick. They can become shedders of the bacteria ( in their feces), compounding the risk for their humans.

I would like to think that our premium foods are quick to recall a product until it is determined to be safe. I just want you to know that these recalls are far from the melamine situation a few years ago where hundreds of pets died from toxin contamination of the foods. I am glad pet foods are being closely monitored, but as you know, the more you look, the more you find!
With busy lifestyles, I am the first to admit that use of premium diets is less time consuming than cooking. The same goes for my own self. I usually cook, but eat less than ideal food when I must. A combination of commercial foods and cooking for pets is a step in the right direction. The only real solution to keep your pet safe is to cook for them. Even then, we all know that raw foods from the store commonly contain pathogenic bacteria and that is why cooking and proper cleanup are essential.


‘A sponge that’s been in use for no more than two or three days in a kitchen will harbor millions of bacteria,” said Elizabeth Scott, co-director of the Simmons Center for Hygiene and Health in the Home at Simmons College in Boston. That’s a problem, she said, ”if you pick up the pathogen or a pathogenic E. coli, salmonella or campylobacter on the sponge.”

She added: ”That means that any time you use the sponge to wipe up a surface you are potentially spreading those pathogens.”

These pathogens are a potential problem mainly for infants, the sick elderly and people with compromised immune systems. But when allowed to multiply on food, they can make the average person sick.”


Many of my clients feed their pets quality home cooked foods. Many others who initially say they feed a dry food, tell the true story of how much “people food” their pet gets when they realize I support real food! For immune suppressed and elderly animal patients, I do recommend cooking of the food. Making your own can be a solution to many health problems that pets face. The pay off is in a healthier immune system. In my book, every disease is a disease of the immune system! That’s why I discuss diet and supplements with every client, and that is how acupuncture can help so many health issues!

This is just the latest of many recent recalls:

Natura Pet Recalls Pet Food For Salmonella

March 18, 2013 by Carla Gillespie Leave a Comment

Natura Pet is recalling several brands of pet food for possible contamination with Salmonella, the company announced today. The recall includes both dog and cat food sold under the brand names Innova, EVO, Healthwise and California Natural. To see a complete list of the recalled products, click here.

The company posted the recall on its webpage, saying “it pains us to inform you of the first recall in our company’s 21-year history.”  During recent testing by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),  Salmonella was discovered in one of the products. The company believes that the problem is not widespread and at this time, no human or pet illnesses had been reported in conjunction with the recalled products.

Salmonella is a bacteria that, if ingested, can cause an infection called salmonellosis. A pet with salmonellosis, will have symptoms including lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea which may be bloody. Some pets may experience  a decrease in appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Others may show no sign of illness, but can be carriers and infect other animals or humans.  Contact your veteranarian if you have concerns about your pet.

Humans can contract Salmonella from handling contaminated pet food or from touching a surface the food contacted. It’s important to wash hands after feeding your pet.  If you place bowls on the counter before filling them make sure to wipe the counter clean with warm soapy water or with a cleaner recommended for your counter’s surface. If you have a pet food spill, make sure to clean up the area thoroughly.




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