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Principles of Natural Health

Principles of Natural Health

On Oct 22, our 4th Monday alternative medicine study group was led by Judy Yan of Blacksburg. Judy reinforced the idea that our health is only as good as the fuel we give our bodies. This is common sense isn’t  it? Maybe we need to hear these ideas in many ways before we can walk the talk!
Two principles of natural health are :
1) Feeding and nourishing the body
2) Cleansing and removing toxins
These principles apply to any living creature. Think about your pet’s food. Is it not amazing that animals can even live on processed dry food, the same thing every day, with vitamins added because the food had been so cooked and preserved that these good elements are destroyed?
That being said, veterinarians see problems on a daily basis that are linked to poor nutrition such as allergies, skin problems, cancer, chronic diarrhea, and the list goes on. Some lucky animals may have the genetic fortitude to eliminate toxins well. Most do not, especially our purebred dogs who do not have that hybrid vigor.
Judy explained that in her practice with humans, special nutritional supplements are used to jump-start a system that has been out of order for years. Then gradually changing the eating habits can improve and enhance wellness.
The same goes for my animal patients. Supplements, herbs, and acupuncture can get us through a crisis, while good nutrition is the foundation for maintaining health. Many animal problems are caused by intestinal dysbiosis and overworked liver qi. The intestine is their first line of defense in the immune system. The liver is an organ of detoxification and the source of the blood and body fuel coming from the intestinal tract.
Just understanding and trying to practice the two principles of natural health will go a long way to improve health in ourselves and our animals!
“ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…” Lou-Tzu, China


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